Manufacturing Management solution

(track items from packing – storage-Stock IN – Stock Out)

We help manufacturers succeed by connecting them to the real-time informational intelligence

they need to shave off seconds, drive down defects and work more safely

No more time wasting

Accurate planning directly based on real manufacturing times measures.


MRP, Quality, Maintenance and PLM fully integrated

Realtime Communication

Display worksheets, quality alerts to workers during operations

Shop floor automation

Capture data in real-time from your equipment using the API

All you need in a single software

Easy + Powerful = Valuable

Archiving and documents tracking


Folder explorer and tree view for easy navigation

Copy and paste folders and files within the system

Drag and drop folders and files from Windows into Favorites folder to place shortcuts to commonly accessed files (stored per user) SEARCH

Spreadsheets, text documents and presentations are critical to an organization for their day to day business needs

Quick search text box always readily available

Save search query maps for efficient access to commonly used searches

Advanced search filters for progressive searching

Index files and folders

Full text searching for retrieval based on the contents of files allows you and your end users to more easily locate necessary files.

The Document Archiving module manages documents, photos, videos and drawings for any company in a corporate intranet environment.

It facilitates a shared platform for the executive staff to work with common documents, photos, videos and drawings.

These files are centrally managed using a common database and file system folders on the company’s corporate intranet environment.