Define your procurement rules


Modern user interface

Control vendor bills

Purchase tenders

Blanket order agreement

Requests for Quotations

Control future orders

Specify storage location

Create drafts

Handle Products

Create products

Add supplier reference

Create RfQs for your suppliers

Get offers for multiple items

Manage invoicing

Add POS and website specifications

Define procurement rules

Check stock and availability

Specify storage location

Create sale conditions

Add product variants

Ideal search filters

Include accounting rules

Send requests through the post or by email

Keep track of stock, incoming orders and product availability .

Define the product’s exact position within your warehouse.

Add specifications to the product for its point of sale or for the website.


Analyze your sales

Get direct access to key information with dynamic and customizable dashboards.

Apply Templates

Send Quotations

Close Deals

Get Paid Faster

Sell faster with electronic signatures

Communicate quickly and efficiently

Maximize profits by upselling

simple electronic signature.

Contract management

Let your customers help themselves