Real estate management system

One Solution real estate operations management solution that brings process improvements to building owners and managers.

Real estate management refers to all business processes and activities that involve asset management of both freehold and leasehold properties on behalf of their owners. It involves the management of residential, industrial and commercial properties that include shopping malls, detached houses, apartments and condominium units.

Here's how the Real estate vertical can benefit from a robust ERP system.

Property Management

Commercial Management

Residential Management

Lead Management

Rent Payment

Facilities Management

Fixed Assets Accounting

Budgeting and forecasting

Debit Management

General ledger

Accounts payable

Corporate account receivable

Investment accounting

Maintenance tracking

Poweful Reporting tools

Customizable Dashboards

End-to-end property management

These ERP systems offer tailor made solutions that address real estate industry specific challenges such that they are able to tabulate and record complex transactions experienced in large retail facilities, franchises as well as real estate investment and commercial trusts. It is believed that the current success of the real estate industry banks on the availability of accurate data provided by ERP systems which enables investors to make quick decisions on properties in the market.

  • Complete operational control over sales funnel, revenue, availability of assets and other key metrics

  • Extensive integration capabilities with third party applications

  • Increase portfolio revenue

  • Improve Tenant retention

  • Empowering Maintenance in the field with work speed.

  • Procurement and inventory management.

  • Project management.

  • Proper distribution of real estate assets, easy documentation and statutory compliance

  • Integration with popular real estate portals and platforms and publication of asset details to generate leads faster

  • Extend assets lifespans

  • Contract generation

  • Lease management

  • Finance management.

  • Complaint and maintenance management