One Solution systems is an integrated system and specialized programs in business administration
and has several solutions for all firms which are indeed special and unique.

One Solution Tracking system

One Solution Tracking system, you can track delivery drivers
, track customers orders, notify customers of the delivery
time and amount to be delivered to the driver.
many of the benefits of the system allow you to take full
control of your business and monitor your work

Complete follow-up of all orders issued

Know the exact time of delivery

The customer is notified of the specified delivery time by text message

A link is sent to the customer of the driver's location and time of arrival

Full follow-up of the driver vehicle by responsible employee

Know where the driver is all times

Calculate arrival time and distance traveled for any order

Know the speed used by each driver to punish for the exceeding driver

can calculate the use of gasoline during the month which saves money to the company